Oława Bakery Polska Pierkarnia Workshop

micSzansa na Sukces w UK - wywiad w Oława BakerytodayAugust 16, 2023 28 2

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    Oława Bakery Polska Pierkarnia Workshop Szansa na Sukces w UK - wywiad w Oława Bakery


Polish Bakery OLAWA Workshop

Olawa Bakery Online, Inez and Michał. The baking adventure of the two began in London with the growing anxiety caused by the virus in the year 2000. It was in this year that they extended the reach of Bakery Olawa to London and the surrounding area. Olawa Bakery is located in Worksop in the middle of England, which is about 200m one way from the bakery door to central London.

The owner of Olawa Bakery in Worksop is Mr Mirek (Mirosław Zubicki), Michał’s father-in-law and Inez’s father. The couple started with individual home deliveries, which turned out to be a huge success. Within a short period, they opened their first stall in a high street market in Croydon, and just before Christmas, their first shop in Tooting. The bakery business developed quickly and dynamically, as did their private and personal lives. From the engagement, through the wedding, to the family heart waiting for the first child. The couple moved to the Midlands after selling their shop in Tooting in 2023. Michael is now actively working to develop and expand the Polish Artisan Bakery in the Midlands and south of the United Kingdom.


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