Lawrence Goff – The Pantheon of Polish Ambassadors

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    Lawrence Goff - The Pantheon of Polish Ambassadors Robot Heart

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Please feel invited to see our new started broadcasting audition The Pantheon of Polish Ambassadors. We are presenting there honourable persons with gratifications for their hard job to building Polish-British cooperation. The Lawrence Goff was the One from the ambassadors we met.

We had greate pleasure to speak with Sir Laurence Goff Former Town Mayor of Newark. He is fundraising at Newark Royal Market Wednesday, Friday & Saturday – Please Support him With Tandem Skydive Parachute Jump Fundraising.

The Bomber County Gateway Trust; a registered charity and a group of passionate people whose aim is to bring this iconic landmark to life, which will mark the historic link that Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire shared with RAF Bomber Command during the Second World War. 🌐🌐🌍🌍🦾🦾🦾


The landmark will be a steel representation of the iconic Lancaster Bomber and will be built on the high ground off the A46 at Norton Disney. Rivalling the Angel of the North in both size and status, On Freedoms Wings will be seen by 34,000 passing motorists each day.The Bomber County Gateway Trust’s 26-metre-long sculpture will be mounted on a steel frame to give the impression it is in flight. It will measure 29 metres in height and have a wingspan of 31 metres, making it nine metres taller than the Angel of the North.

Bomber Command aircrews suffered a very high casualty rate, these brave young men who flew in total darkness. We don’t do nearly enough to remember the sacrifice of our servicemen. This will mark the historic link between Nottinghamshire & Lincolnshire shared with RAF Bomber Command during the second world war. They paid the Ultimate Sacrifice for our Freedom. The Lancaster Bomber, Sculpture Being Constructed. Over the last few years with materials, particularly steel, soaring in price has very much, affected this major & fantastic project ever gets finished.

Wywiad z Sir Laurence Goff usłyszycie na naszym youtube w audycji Szansa na Sukces w UK. W Polish Voice FM. Zachęcsmy by wlączyc się w kampanię, ktora organizują Anglicy i Polacy z Lincolnshire wspólnie ramię w ramię. Tym bardziej, źe wszyscy sa bardzo zaangażowani w regularne sprawowanie opieki nad polskimi cmentarzami.

Więcej info….

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Please Help By Making This Dream Come True, Let’s Make it A Reality.

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